What is Shortland Street?  

Shortland Street began on the 25th May 1992. It is made in New Zealand and is a soap that revolves around a emergency clinic. It is originally run by  Dr Michael McKenna. They lose the clinic to a company called Ideal Health, but with some intuitive planning they regain control. The hospital is in constant financial difficulties and some of their ethics are constantly questioned. When Michael leaves, the clinic is taken over by David Kearney.

The original cast. Some familiar faces include Danielle Cormack in the background, Lisa Crittenden, Angela Marie Dotchin, Josephine Davidson, and Rene Naufahu. 


The Series though predominates around the many characters. Those that wok in the clinic and those that are just associate by family or friends. It has had many overwhelming scenes, that have added a shock value to the show unseen before on television. 
This show was designed specifically for New Zealanders, and as such had many story lines surrounding the Maori people. This added a true ethnic value, that personally I have never seen again in a show.
It is a riveting show, interesting and constantly changing. It is different to the shows you see every day, and the added fun value is seeing those actors that have become  infamous through their characters on Xena and Hercules. It is a lot of fun, especially the really early years (year 1 and 2) where most of the very popular actors were seen. This show has never got the credit it deserves in Australia, but I remember when it was first show here on SBS (a government channel) it was reviewed as being a fantastic show that was willing to add in very controversial topics.