Angela Marie Dotchin

Shortland Street: Played the sprightly beautiful Kirsty Knight. Kirsty is the receptionist of Shortland Street. She has been there from the beginning,. She has many love affairs, with the most shocking being bad boy Greg Pheeny. He ends up leaving her after a breif affair, with Kirsty scared she may have AIDS. She in the meantime gets involved with Lionel Skeggins who runs the coffee shop. On her 21st birthday Lionel wants to propose, but Greg turns up. Kirsty goes back to Greg who runs off with Jo Jordan (Greer Robson). Kirsty remains single for a while, until a fire where Lionel is named the hero. They get back together and get married. Their marriage is a hard one, and they divorce and Kirsty leaves the street. She is also a avid astrologer, and her best friend was Gina (Josephine Davidson).


Xena/Hercules : In Xena Angela playsthe pregnant wife Soraya.
In hercules she plays a mermaid Nautica that Iolaus falls in love with
In youn hercules she plays the barmaid Kora :))

Xena Episodes:
Season three/Episode 65 - tsunami

Hercules Episodes:

Young Hercules: