Iain Rea

Shortland street: Played Donald Phyfe. A bit of a weak character, he come to the hospital as a fertility specialist for the new IVF clinic being set up. Dr. Grace Kwan is his partner, firstly in the clinic later in looove. Donald gets involved in some shifty dealings with Darryl Neilson (Mark Ferguson - he loves those bad guys!) and gets himself into a tricky position. A couple want a baby but have no donates eggs to use. Grace offers her eggs to this couple. What she doesn't know is that Darryl has forced Donald to steal some of her eggs to sell on the black market. Donald guilty over what he has done, and wanting to get as far away from SS moves to America. Thus leaving Darryl and their dealings. Darryl with his nasty ways tells Grace what Donald has done, after he goes to America.

philemon and diana

Xena/Hercules: Plays Philemon, the love of Xena look alike Princess Diana. He has problems telling Diana he loves her as his brother is promised as her husband. In the end though they marry and have a child. A very sweet caring character (a little different to his SS days! )

Xena Episodes:
Season one/Episode 15 - Warrior... Princess
Season two/Episode 30 - Warrior... Princess... Tramp