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Welcome to the Shortland Street/Xena Warrior Princess/Hercules web site! This site has been designed to give you a insight into the characters that have crossed over from Shortland Street to XWP or HTLJ. The character page has links to most of the actors, but if you are a person who wants to remain spoiler free for any of these shows please tread carefully (you have been warned! :) )

****This site is still under construction, so please come back and check on it regularly. I am trying to get the links up as quickly as possible :)

Site updated : 13th July 2001 
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It has been a long time since I have update this site and I apologise. I am trying to make this a really comprehensive site, but it takes up a lot of my time, so please come back and check on the progress - I haven't forgotten this place!!  


Due to a very heavy Uni commitment, I am unable to get enough work done on this website. I am after anyone to help me out to get this site finished, I have a few things I would love some help with. Just e-mail me and I will let you know more! Xenastreet@hotmail.com 

I am also after some other sort of help. A resourse not found on the net (well I haven't found one) is a world guide to Xena, Herc, SS, and young herc. What I am hoping is if people could send me from all over the world what shows they have, what they are up to and what channel they are on. So World fans please e-mail me asap! And if you have other friends who are from different parts of the world let me know. Also if you have a different guide to another state let me know! This one I do need help!!!

Hercules and Xena : On FOXTEL!

Hercules is shown on the fox kids network all the way to the second last season ! Keep watching it may even screen those last few episodes we have never seen! It airs on the weekend and twice a week at 7.30.

Xena is also on air on TV1 who air the first season to the third, with hopefully more seasons to come. Watch for it on the weekend and Mondays.


As most of you know Xena has been off for a long time with little hope of season six being shown. Feel free to write to ten and complain. I have got a list of Ten's addresses up so just click here!

Exciting news I just discovered though is Jack off all trades (with the great Angie Dotchin) is now showing on channel ten. It is shown on Saturday's morning at 4 am, under the name of back to back action - which I assumes also means Cleopatra 2525 is also shown (I will know tonight!) It started last week in Melbourne but I missed it, so set your VCR's for tonight!


For those of you who are not already aware, here in Australia we can only see Shortland Street on pay television Foxtel on the channel UKTV. They have taken SS off in the middle of the season (we are quite a few years behind New Zealand) and so we will not be able to see any more episodes. Thus two things, I apologise for my lack of knowledge on some characters, but I may not ever see some of them due to the axing, and so are incomplete. Please send me details if you have them :) Secondly if you are a australian please support getting SS back on by mailing :
Mr Tom Mockridge
Chief Executive Officer
Foxtel Entertainment
PO Box 99
or Fax: 0061 2 9200 1111
Or go to the foxtel website at http://www.foxtel.com.au and leave a feedback note!
If enough of us protest we can get this back on air!


Do you have something to add to this site? E-mail me and let me know Xenastreet@hotmail.com Please make sure you put in big letters that it is a personal e-mail, I tend to get a lot of junk mail in my mailbox which I delete!


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