Karl Urban

Shortland Street: Played Jamie Forrest a very cute ambulance driver. All the girls were after him, until we find out he is actually gay and in love with Jonathan McKenna (Kieren Hutchison ). They both get into mischief and try to hide the facts from Jonathans parents. Jonathans father threatens Jamie to leave Jonathan alone, but alas love prevails. They break up and go their separate ways.

caesar Caesar and Xena Cupid

Xena / Hercules : In Xena we see Karl playing quite a few characters. He plays Caesar, Xena's old nemesis. Caesar plays a pivotal role in who Xena has become. He crucified her and broke her legs, which has made Xena hate Caesar with a passion. Xena will try to stop Caesar at any chance. Caesar declares himself emperor on the Ides of March and is murdered by Brutus. Xena had a lot of influence on Brutus's decision to kill him.
Cupid is Aphrodite's son, the bearer of love arrows. He has a wife and son, and when he appears generally causes a whole lot of fun mischief

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