Kieren Hutchison

Shortland Street: Played Jonathan McKenna, the son of the Shortland Street clinics first owners. He and his sister Rachel share a love hate relationship. They have played some horrible jokes on each other that have devestated some other people. Jonathan is gay a med student, and cruel. He will play with girls emotions to annoy Rachel and lie about it to his boyfriends.

Jonathan McKenna and Rachel

Xena / Hercules: Plays Talus, a young man caught up in the problems of the world when he meets Gabrielle and finds out death has been stolen. While death is in chains no one can die. He and Gabrielle fall for each other, and we find out that when Celeste (death) is released, that Talus has to go with her. He gave his own life to save those who are suffering.

Xena Episodes:
Season One/Episode 9 - Death in Chains.