Here are a few links that I found useful to design this page, or just useful, or just brilliant sites! Enjoy!

Episode Guide for Aussie Xenites : This is a page run by a good friend of mine. Although it is aimed at Australians it has one of the best episodes guide on the Web. Some amazing images, and just a generally great page. I recommend a visit, even if you aren't a Aussie, but if you are, if you have missed this page in your travels you have missed heaps! Even includes a Aussie merchandise page!

Shortland Street Web Site : The best Web site on shortland street to date. It is run by a fan, but has the most comprehensive listings of a show I know of! If you want to know more about SS or the characters or just see stuff on the show I recommend veiwing this site!

Tom's Xena Page : For any Xena fan this page is worth a look. It has some amazing images and other stuff, have a look if your in the neighbourhood!

Whoosh! : The Xena information store. Take a look to see, but be warned it is spoiler ridden!

Gabrielle Appreciation Society : If you are a fan of Gabrille/ROC you can not miss this page. This page has the most amazing montages I have ever seen. This guy's page is a work of art! Check it out!

Xena Online Resources: A great site to find anything Xena/Herc related! Or use their search engine:

Xena Online Resources Search Engine

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Ask'shana: A wonderful resource for Xena and Hercules fans. She has done some amazing works on finding links to other pages. This page has also many different resources, it is definitely worth having a visit too. One beautifully designed page :)

Sue's Xena Page: There are very few pages that impress me anymore, but this site is a masterpiece! Her montages are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, very different. I urge you all to go and visit her site, and sign her guestbook, Sue's page is a real treat!

Tara's Xenaverse: A fun page full of info and nice delights! Great resource for airing schedules of Hercules in Aus. Have a look you won't be disppointed!

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Shortland Street Official site - (just opened)
Xena Official Site
Hercules Official Site
Young Hercules Official Site