Lisa Crittenden

Shortland Street : Played Nurse Carrie Burton. Carrie was head nurse of Shortland street and ran the place with a iron hand. Everyone liked her but sometimes found her a bit to domineering. Carrie was desperate to have a baby, and asked the doctors at the clinic to donate sperm for her to conceive. She gets pregnant and ends up having triplets (when she was expecting twins). She also marries Declan Kennedy (Kevin J. Wilson) in the meantime. He is  crook, and ends up back in jail. In the meantime his son falls in love with her (Steve Mills). She decides to move to Australia and leaves Steve behind (who ends up dying in a car accident when he has a fight with the father of Carries triplets -car crashes big boom he ends up shish kebab (this was a very upsetting scene )- Steve wanted to beleive they were his).


Xena : Played Gabrielle's mother Hecuba. Upset after seeing her daughter return from her adventures with Xena a changed person (after the whole Hope/Dahak situation), she is civil but cold towards Xena. (This is a second Hecuba).

Xena Episodes:
Season four/Episode 71 - A family affair