Martin Csokas

Shortland Street: Played Doctor Leonard Rossi-Dodds. Excuse me while I yell "GEEK GEEK", yes dear Leonard was the geek of the hospital. He had a kind heart but the slicked down hair and big rimmed glasses (and don't forget the pocket protector!) just made him the epitomy of geek. At one point in his attmept to allure women Chris Warner helped Leonard turn into one nice looking guy, but in the end Leonard decided on his own geekish look. He falls in loves and marries Gina and they move to Hollywood together. She is a stunning brunette, and they seem happy (most of the time!) They bought and moved onto a boat the Toaru, until they sell it to Carmen Roberts. It is amusing to note that Marton did a Hercules episode with his SS wife Gina (Josephine Davidson).

Xena / Hercules : coming soon