What's New :

7.10.99 - Updated main page
                Can you help with my attempt at making a world guide on when Xena,      Herc, SS and young herc are on? e-mail me! Tell your friends!

14.9.99 - Updated the main page.
                Joined another Web ring.

9.9.99 - Updated the main page.
              Added a Ten addresses page.  
              Updated Links Page.

16.8.99 - Updated the main page. (return of Xena and the way! yay!)
                No updates for the next week as I am out of state.

2.8.99 - Added a call to all people to help with the protest against channel ten.
              E-mail  me for more details or check out the main page.

27.7.99 - Added a banner to the Characters page.
                Minor update to the Danielle Cormack page.
                Minor update to the Karl Urban Page.
                Added page on Lisa Crittenden.
                Added a banner to the Links Page.

26.7.99 - Added buttons for What's New page and Web ring page
                Added Web Ring page
                Joined dunker web ring
                Mailing list against Shortland street removal mentioned on main page

16.7.99 - Updated Links page
                Added New characters to the Character page
                Added Xena blurb (as yet unfinished, but you get the idea - hehe)
                Updated the Main page with more information on Channel (cough) Ten.
                Added this page :)