****This is only a glimpse of what will be on this page, heaps of pictures, titles etc will be added, but since I had written this up I thought I should put it on the site :)) ****

The first time I saw Xena I did not like it. The irritating blonde bard, the typical silly stunts. But - and it took a while - I started to watch this show and have became a complete fanatic. I love this show for all the reasons I did not like. It is different, it is about women achieving what they want, and it is about friendship. This is my page to Xena and Gabrielle, warrior princess, Amazon queen!

Xena started off as a spin off to Hercules (reminiscent of the old She-Ra episodes of the 80's which you guessed it I never missed as a kid). She was, as most characters in Hercules seem to be, out to kill Hercules. She attempts to do this in the episode the warrior princess, where she turns Ioalus and Hercules against each other. She does not succeed and rides off into the sunset. In the gauntlet and unchained heart, we see Xena's good side, as she is turned out by her army, and treated horribly. Xena ends up saving a baby and her path to good begins.
Why Xena has become good has never been explained properly by the Hercules Trilogy, but through her own show we are discovering why Xena is who she is. In Sins of the past, the first Xena episode, we meet Gabrielle, a village girl who dreams of more than marrying the one she is betrothed to. Xena is as much about Gabrielle as Xena herself.
Both women are on a path of self discovery, we see Gabrielle growing up and losing her innocence over the course of the seasons. She moves from the bard of poteidia, to a amazon princess, to a amazon queen. 
Xena's path of self discovery, after so much hate and anger, comes about mainly because of her friendship with Xena. I say friendship because that is what I see it as. Two women who love each other, because they are the closest of friends, not beacuse they are in love with each other (sorry guys I am strongly a non subtexter, though I assure you I am not against it). Thus I will state I do not think Gabrielle and Xena are gay but share a friendship most of us would envy.
The journey of self discovery has come about slowly, but end up changing both women. It is a fascinating journey, that is as much a journey of the human spirit, as well as a journey of their own.

Xena would not be complete without her enemies. Callisto is what originally made me fall in love with this show. She is everything Xena was and more. She seems to be Xena's conscience - a reminder of how evil she was. Callisto is a pleasure to watch in action.
Hope is another evil being that I do not think we have seen the end of. She is Gabrielle's daughter and one hell of a manipulative so and so. She was the daughter of Dahak who wants to come and rule the earth.
Ares God of war - trying to constantly get Xena on his side (more info on Kevin Smith page).
Alti is a old enemy of Xena's that comes back to haunt her all the time. She is interesting to see evolve, she has much power, but most of it is very dark. Almost like a female version of Darth Vader <grin>
There are heaps more enemies, but I thought these were some of the most memorable.

Then there are the allies, mainly Joxer, autolycus and Salmoneus. They are all very special fun characters that add a fun silly element when they are around (normally).