Danielle Cormack

Shortland Street: Played Nurse Alison Rayner in the first season. She was the wanted nurse, pretty and gutsy. Chased after by Chris Warner, their love was a torrid affair. Engaged more than once, turned down at the alter, Alison took to other men and fled the country. She maried Jean-Luc-Maffet whome she met in Paris. She turns up back in Shortland Street on the run from a very jealous husband. With a little bit of help her husband is killed and Alison goes off into the sunset. A very popular character whose breif fling with Steve Mills was a shock. Some say Alison was the hospital slut, I just think she was the hospital conniseur ;)


Xena / Hercules : Epiny the amazon. We first meet Ephiny when Gabrielle becomes a amazon princess. She is quite upset at the right being passed to Gab and not herself. She helps Gabrielle learn how to fight with a staff, and aids Xena in her quest to make peace with the ccentaurs. She does become Gabrielle's friend, and when Gabrielle does not take on the position of Queen of the amazons Ephiny becomes Queen. She has one son Xenan by a centaur. Her centaur husband (?lover?) died just before Xenan was born. Ephiny has helped both Xena and hercules many a time. In a battle against Pompey, led by Brutus, Ephiny is killed in battle by Brutus. She died a heroic death. 

Marie DeValle - a fun character, that occurs in1789 in France. Our heros are in Paris. I don't remember that much else about it but if you watch be prepared for one of those silly Herc episodes we know so well :)

Xena Episodes:
Season one/Episode 10 - Hooves and Harlots
Season one/Episode 24 - Is there a doctor in the house?
Season two/Episode 37 - The Quest
Season two/Episode 38 - A Necessary Evil
Season three/Episode 57 - Maternal Instincts
Season three/Episode 58 - The Bitter Suite
Season four/Episode 88 - Endgame

Hercules Episodes:
Season three/Episode 54 - Les Contemptibles (Marie DeValle)
Season four/Episode 66 - Prodigal sister