This new section is for hard to find merchandise for Xena, Hercules, or Shortland street. As I am an Australian, the stuff that will be from me will be Aussie based. Thus I need you help! If you have anything to add to this site please let me know! Especially from other countries!! I will keep this section to mainly hard to find items, for other things you can e-mail me, and if the demand is high enough I may just make this a general merchandise section! So if you have something for me please mail me at Xenastreet . I will credit people with the information.



Shortland street cards: I have found a store in Melbourne that sells the SS cards at a very reasonable price. They also have the special cards, including a full set of the gold cards (the normal set but with a gold logo). The special card of Kirsty's wedding is really special, if you are a Angie Dotchin fan this card is a must! It is pricey but it is really nice. The url for this place is .

Xena cards/Herc cards: The second season of Xena cards are still quite easy to get a hold of and I have a few sets for sale (e-mail me if interested) . The first season of Xena and the Hercules cards are much harder to come by, but I have found that collectors shows that are held all the time in Melbourne are the easiest way to get them cheap. The same place that has the SS cards also has a lot of special cards, including signed cards, chrome and some others!